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LostChronology's News

Posted by LostChronology - 2 weeks ago

Hope you are all doing alright!

A small update on the next Zmorg. After the pilot episode I am actively working on the next follow up episodes. This is a draft animation for the prequel which I am working on, which I also posted on Twitter together with a few more updates on this show ( I recently made a Twitter account where I will probably post more updates on this animation series so you can give a follow if you want, I can give a follow back :) )

For context, this is a scene in which he breaks into a galactic library.





Posted by LostChronology - September 28th, 2021

I just launched my first web comic series! Hopefully people will enjoy it, I am planning updates each 2 weeks.

It is a fantasy series about a person who ends up in a world which is forgetting itself and has to get home. Not everything is as it seems.


You can read it at Tapas:




Posted by LostChronology - September 13th, 2021

Hey everyone!

Thought I'd share this here as well. I downloaded OBS Studio which is pretty cool software as you can record your process without that it takes up tremendous space (looking at you, VSDC Free Screen Recorder taking up a few GB for 1 minute of screen recording....) (Ok, maybe there is a setting to fix that in VSDC, but OBS is still much better.)

I recorded my process of how I animated this 2D head turn in OpenToonz:

Above is the reel which I made for Instagram.

I also made a video of about 53 minutes which shows almost the entire process. Unfortunately for some reason OBS didn't record the last part of the shading process:

It is also a bit weird as in the rendering you can see these lines of the line art sticking out in certain frames if you get what I mean. This is apparently a problem in OpenToonz and I still don't know how to fix it. The final result also shows a bit reddish shadow for the shading, that is because when I tried to export the transparency effect the only thing which OpenToonz did was crashing, so I just went with this. You will see more problems which I fixed during the process if you want to take the time to watch it or to jump between different moments in the longer video, but I did enjoy to record something which I worked on!

I might do this with some of my artwork as well in the future.

Hope everyone is doing alright and that some people might be interested in seeing this!



Posted by LostChronology - August 9th, 2021

It isn't much but I did a test with animating a walk cycle today and applying it to one of my characters.

This was mostly a test for applying basic animation principals to a full character and the panning features of OpenToonz which to me seems easier than doing it in Krita or most other software which I know. I plan to use more of a combination of Krita with OpenToonz in the future for animations as OpenToonz seems to give more flexibility.

It's just 3 seconds but in case you are interested, if I wasted your time it's just 3 seconds (don't pay attention to the backgrounds, I put this together in just a few minutes to test the walk cycle):

EDIT: Oh seems I can also upload it here I think

Unfortunately the original base was much smoother than the end result.

Apart from that I have seen Tokyo Revelation today, has anyone else seen that anime? It's crazy.



Posted by LostChronology - July 22nd, 2021

As the deadline for the Saturday Morning Newgrounds was today, I had to finish this today. After watching Hazbin Hotel I wanted to create my own web toon(s) as well. This is the first animation show which I work on which is with one of my own characters, Zmorg.

Zmorg is an alien who has left his planet and galaxy for a special mission, he is on this mission together with his partner Larpux. What the mission exactly is will be revealed in the future.

I worked on this from July 8 and it took a lot of hard work to get this finished in time, but it worked! I was inspired a lot by Invader Zim and I tried to get a similar vibe with humor mixed with serious tension and action. This is where the adventures of Zmorg will start:



Posted by LostChronology - July 4th, 2021

Hi everyone! I am one of the three animators and producers on the first scene for the Newgrounds Summer Fest (although my role has been most considerably to do one of the inbetweens for this scene).

On my YouTube channel I made a video in which I go through the whole production process which @hpargonohp, @loopsdaloop and I went through to produce this scene, you can find it here.

It was a pleasure to work on this together with them and I hope that people will enjoy to see what we went through to produce this scene.

One additional comment by hpargonohp was that the clock was initially planned to be included in the scene if it was still considered necessary, but in the end we decided to drop it in the final product as there was already a lot in the room of Pico.



Posted by LostChronology - June 27th, 2021

I created a music video for my experimental track Funky Degrees which you can find here.

The track turned more into a sound collage with a lot of experimentation than a real conventional track, with experimentation especially in using the bass as a repetitive and driving element which keeps continuity in something in which everything changes. Initially the idea was the creation of an IDM track, but what is IDM really?

I personally think the latter part after the 4 minute mark sounds better than the first part. In the music video I also used the public domain movie from which I sampled which works surprisingly well with the track itself.



Posted by LostChronology - June 27th, 2021

The Newgrounds Summer Fest 2021 turned out great! It was wonderful to be a part of the great team with which we worked on this with nice people which were able to pull this off with the guidance of Stanpai.

I will upload a video showing my contribution to the Newgrounds Summer Fest 2021 project later, my own contribution was mostly to add more fluency to the animation as an inbetweener for certain scenes and helping with the pre-production of certain backgrounds in one of the initial scenes.

A shoutout to hpargonohp, Loopsdaloop and ColonelZach with whom I worked together!



Posted by LostChronology - February 8th, 2021

I did an album cover for @eatmeatleet several days ago which you can check out here:

Eatmeatleet - Aliens Nearby album cover by LostChronology on Newgrounds

I put more work in it than was necessary but I wanted it to look as good as possible, it's one of my first so hopefully the future ones will look much better than this!



Posted by LostChronology - December 7th, 2020

I plan to do more artworks, particularly on environments and character design.

If anyone is looking for commissions, if you are interested in getting something drawn (or certain music), you can send me a DM if you think my art gallery is good enough, haha.