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This was quite a fun animation. I like the backgrounds and textures on there, the characters look solid and animations work well too. The sound mixing and music is good and I love the humor skit in this, I don't know but this type of humor even reminds me of Phineas and Ferb.

Great job.

Very cool little animation! Love the backgrounds as well and awesome animation in the beginning. Can't wait to see more.

Hah, what a nice tribute to Risitas.

Good animation! :)

ColonelZach responds:

Thank you homie. :)

Rest in Peace Risitas <3

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Interesting talk. My analysis is that where as there are genuine efforts to stand up against unrighteousness there are also people which abuse platforms like Twitter to disguise their bullying efforts behind doing that, claiming to fight against something which is unjust.

If one is really against unrighteousness they should try to get the support of people which have said questionable or bad things in the past and get them on their side, which is much more effective and not as toxic. The people which profit the most of cancel culture are the ones who use it as an excuse to defend abhorrent things, so those who practice cancel culture are actually helping what they hate. Therefore I don't understand it and I agree with you on bringing people together instead of trying to bully people because it makes someone feel powerful.

Again, good talk.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Absolutely! Thank you!

This is a masterpiece.

80s vibe all over it throughout synthwave influences. The build-up is magnificent, giving the idea of going higher and higher into an ambient space. The dissonant at 01:03 really fits well in there to give a prelude to the action and chaos which starts later in the song.

Percussion is very well done, mixing is top with a clean mix. 02:07 truly brings out an interesting part of this song where the percussion gives it a flow of action and confusion, all the synths work very well together and a simple bass foundation which fits well in carrying the rest.

I absolutely love the part at 05:50, it is like either a conclusion is reached that this labyrinth can't be left, or that the exit is close.

A clear structure, good mix, perfect build-up, magnificent track man.

This track which you produced works so extremely well in the last scene. I love it with how much tension it adds to the scene!

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Ah I immediately recognized it when I saw it. Cool work!

Loopsdaloop responds:

Thanks man. thank you for doing the touchups on my backgrounds. You did a lot of help for people too which is great.

This is a big improvement to your previous work which was already good, good job.

pulporila responds:

Thank you!

Looks like a British aristocrat

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